In the end, we will conserve only what we love

We will love only what we understand

We will understand only what we are taught

~ Baba Dioum

Kalabia Environmental Education Raja Ampat

Education for Conservation

Floating school


Education Program



The Kalabia Program was designed as a truly integrated program which allows students to explore and learn from their local natural environment in a way that is truly aligned with the Raja Ampat culture and traditions.

The Kalabia's core program is a holistic youth education program which targets students in grades 4 to 6.  The program combines and a strong knowledge-based curriculum with a pride-campaign and fun, camp-like atmosphere to promote environmental learning and empathy with the ocean and marine life.

The Kalabia is part of a multi-institution coalition in the Bird's Head Seascape whose goal is to safeguard the regions incredible marine biodiversity in a way that empowers local communities while enhancing their food security and livelihoods.  The Kalabia initiative was one of the fundamental steps in creating this enabling environment for conservation and is critical to its sustainability in the long-term as it lays the foundations of ecological awareness in BHS communities.  Kalabia is included in the Blue Abadi Conservation Trust Fund beneficiaries.

KALABIA is a keystone program in the conservation efforts to save the worlds Richest reefs.

Ship-based ocean ambassadors

Raja Ampat is huge!  In order to reach all the communities spread over the 50 million ha. area, the Kalabia program is based onboard the KM Kalabia.  A converted tuna trawler, the Kalabia now travels the ocean inspiring and uniting people in ocean conservation.




We invite you to support the Kalabia program operations to bring this amazing ocean ambassador to Raja Ampat villages.