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​​Making an IMAX film is an interesting undertaking in itself!  You can check out some behind the scenes action in the following video:

OR Check out the entire playlist about the making of Journey to the South Pacific with the MacGillivray-Freeman film producer team here:​

JTSP-Kalabia YouTube Playlist



Movie stars are rich and famous, right!?!  Unfortunately, the Kalabia program is struggling to continue its important mission and needs your help to keep bringing its critical education program to communities!

Behind the Scenes!



3D IMAX Film:  Journey to the South Pacific

The Kalabia never dreamed of becoming a film star!  Although the film takes the program somewhat out of context, we hope this amazing IMAX movie will inspire positive action for the oceans worldwide, and are thrilled at our part in that! Celebrity international film star or not, Kalabia is proud to be a local hit sensation popular with the people of Raja Ampat - beloved for caring; for bringing its unique and fun conservation education program to all the corners of the archipelago and motivating protection of this incredible region - the epicentre of marine biodiversity! Go Kalabia!

Check out the Trailer for "Journey to the South Pacific" below: 

Education for Conservation